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4 Running Form Techniques To Focus On

It was a long ultra race. I was at mile 42 of 50 and was reminding myself to focus on my running form. I could hear my legs were getting heavy and smashing with force into the ground. My running pace was slowing, yes because of fatigue but also because of my form. I reminded myself to run tall and pretty. I looked at my watch and my pace quickened without additional effort. All it took was a form check and I was back on track with my goal pace.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your running form.

1: Run Tall and Pretty

This tip works great and fixes a lot of form issues just by thinking about it. You want to be tall, with your hips directly over your legs. Don't lean far forward from your hips. We should be able to draw a straight line from the head through the neck, torso and hips. The pretty part is a confidence boost as well as a reminder to run with your head up looking forward not slouched and looking down.

2: Run Light

Remember in my story during my ultra run when I could hear my feet slamming against the ground. I was fatigued and by slamming into the ground I was adding more force to my running stride actually fatiguing me faster. You want to focus on your stride being quick with a light touch. You can focus on increasing your cadence and/or shortening your stride.

3: Foot under the hips

Tip 3 will also help with tip 2 running softer or lighter. place your foot on the ground directly underneath your hips so that you can roll into your next stride. This will help you make a SMOOTH transition into your next step.

Posture matters! Hold the arms close to the body & swing them back & forth like a pendulum.

4: Arm Swing

Hold your arms close to your body and swing them back and forth like a pendulum. Try not to let your arms flare out or drift away from the body and don't cross your arms in front. I like to keep my hands light touching my finger tips together as I brush them agains my hips during the arm swing.

Focus on these 4 running form techniques to run faster, longer and without injury.

If you need help with your run training send me a message. I help give endurance athletes a competitive edge offering in person and online coaching.

Coach Joe Beckerley CSCS

Triathlon Coach

Run Coach

Personal Trainer

Bend, Oregon

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