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5 Advantages Of Trap Bar Deadlift Over Traditional

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I believe every athlete should deadlift. When I started deadlifting for triathlon my power production on my bike improved as well as my race surges, running up hills and finishing strong. These heavy lifts build a strong body and do not add bulk. I have seen these same results with the athletes I coach over the years.

When deadlifting there are 5 advantages to using a Trap Bar over the traditional straight bar deadlift.

The story of the Trap Bar deadlift starts in the 1980’s when powerlifter named Al Gerard who was dealing with severe low back pain and range of motion issues after years of traditional deadlifting. He sought to invent a bar that would allow him to stand between two loads during the lift rather than behind them. The result was theTrap Bar (AKA Hex Bar). ⁠

5 Benefits:

1. By placing you inside the bar, the stress on the lower back is greatly reduced while the potential for power production increases. (one of our goals is to improve your power production)⁠

2. The Trap Bar deadlift is much more user friendly. So it is much easier to lift with good form.

3. It allows for greater variance in safe executions of the exercise. Some people’s natural body proportions will lead them towards more of a Squat-Deadlift hybrid, which is perfectly OK.⁠

4. Research has found that when compared to Straight Bar Deadlifts, Trap Bar Deadlifts allow for faster bar speeds at identical loads and greater maximum loads.⁠

5. You don’t have to worry about dragging the bar up your shins, this happens with some lifters executing the traditional straight bar deadlift. ⁠

These are the 5 benefits of the Trap Bar Deadlift. If you have access to a trap bar give it a try. If you need help with your strength training for endurance sports I coach athletes online getting you results where ever you are. I also coach in person in Bend Oregon.

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